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For all those who want to learn a lot more about Silicon Valley, we have listed many very interesting and high-quality sources from various information channels.

documentaries & reports

Beautiful new world – ZDF documentary 

Angela Andersen und Klaus Kleber zeigen in ihrer documentary impressively how the tech visionaries of Californian high-tech companies want to change the world and question what consequences this will have for all of our lives.

Silicon Germany: Buchvorstellung mit Christoph Keese

Christoph Keese, author of the book “Silicon Germany” talks in an interview with Deutschlandradio about the pent-up demand of the German economy in the field of digitization and shows how German companies can benefit from Silicon Valley.

Traumziel Silicon Valley – Mit Hackathons und Bootcamps zur IT-Elite?

Software developers, mathematicians, natural scientists, digital talents – how Germany’s most talented students prepare for a career as Digital High-Potential with Hackathons & Bootcamps away from the traditional job market and far away from HR departments, recruitment tests and job interviews.


Silicon Germany: Wie wir die digitale Transformation schaffen


Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide by Michelle E Messina

Silicon decoding: The Insider’s Guide unravels the mysticism of Silicon Valley, including the more subtle hidden aspects. Learn more about Silicon Valley’s best practices for growing and scaling companies, the unique viewpoint for evaluating start-ups, and what rules can and should be broken when building a global business. Mehr…?

Geek Silicon Valley: The Inside Guide To Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park

Silicon Valley veterans and novices will want to explore this book, which delves into the rich history behind the region that has created the world’s most important industry. Technology journalist Ashlee Vance has captured almost every aspect of the area between San Francisco and San Jose, California, from the avid radio and electronics enthusiasts of the early 1900s to today’s data centers like Google and Apple. On the way, the book introduces the people and places that have elevated Silicon Valley to an almost mythical pedestal.. Mehr…?